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Boards Of Canada - A Few Old Tunes flac mp3 download

Boards Of Canada - A Few Old Tunes flac mp3 download
A Few Old Tunes
IDM, Downtempo, Leftfield
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1219 mb
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A1 Spectrum 2:19
A2 Light, Clear Hair 0:41
A3 P.C. 0:48
A4 Trapped 3:52
A5 Rodox Video 1:19
A6 Happy Cycling
Performer [Played On] – Frazer Clarke
A7 House Of Abin'adab 1:55
A8 Finity 5:00
A9 Forest Moon 6:35
A10 Skimming Stones 2:12
A11 Carcan 1:50
A12 Devil 0:14
A13 Mansel 5:36
A14 She Is P 1:42
A15 Davie Addison 1:15
B1 Sac 1:23
B2 Blockbusters 0:40
B3 I Will Get It Tattooed 1:37
B4 The Way You Show 2:56
B5 I Love U 1:41
B6 King Of Carnival 4:18
B7 M9 3:32
B8 Original Nlogax 1:11
B9 Sequoia 4:49
B10 Boqurant 1:43
B11 5.9.78 4:14
B12 Wendy Miller 0:32
B13 Paul Russell's Piece 0:53
B14 Up The March Bank 3:24
B15 Nova Scotia Robots 1:47


  • Drums [All Live Drums By] – Mike*
  • Photography By – Iain*


Mostly recorded between 1991-1995. Everything by Mike + Marcus except:
*'Trapped' contains sample of Colonel Abrams
*'Devil' contains sample of Dirt Devil commercial
*'Blockbusters' contains sample of 'Blockbusters'
*'The Way You Show' contains sample of Kool + The Gang

Thanks Music70 Gang: Esp. Simon Yuill, Iain, Chris Horne

Frazer Clarke played on Happy Cycling.

Photo by Iain. Pic from film by Iain.

Thanks Jimbo


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  • Lucam
*last sold: february 3 2018 for $17.44*UHHH... LOL WUT.. is no one gonna... ya know.... say that it's fake...
  • Ubrise
kinda goes without saying . .. . . . .
  • lacki
Make your own cassette copie with this "remastered" version :https://archive.org/details/AFewOldTunes
  • Marilbine
M9 and Paul Russell's Piece are the best two tracks off this release.
  • Pameala
What a great collection of old BOC tunes this is... Having heard nearly all the rumours and debates about whether this release existed or not... And whether it should be removed from Discogs altogether due to the fact that no one who had rate it had a genuine copy... Nor had anyone actually came forward with certainty or proof to provide pictures or even relay how they got a hold of it ('datathief' is acknowledged below, though)... I recently had the fortunate chance to listen to the recording in its entirity, and am pretty much dead certain that this is BOC themselves.Despite some of the mixed-up tracks that blend other people's music into their own inspiring insignia of BOC colour (in a similar way to 2 Many DJs' "Soulwax" releases might, though not as obviously done), along with some samples from old 80s TV ads and TV programs, it harks back to a heady nostalgia of unusual feelings and experiences that I grew up with during my childhood. Samples taken from Bob Holness's "Blockbuster" game show are are flamboyantly disjointed, leaving their logical conclusion to de-rail the usual train of thought that anyone might have been instilled with, leading to heady the sound of one hand clapping...From the outset, you can hears BOCs inspired blending of melodic phrases... "Spectrum" is a simple chugging tempo induced synaesthesia of prismatic colour that harks to how BOC eventually develop (or revisit) their sound in "The Campfire Headphase"... This then drops in to a sampled track taken from some television program "Light, Clear, Hair" seemingly relaying tips for dressing up in the eighties, with the color green apparently decapitating the wearer receiving the advice... This then blends into "P.C." who's heated panting and funky pornographic backing sound track jive into the groove of "Trapped". "Trapped" is a BOC rework of Colonel Abrams' (http://www.discogs.com/artist/Colonel+Abrams) track by the same title. The Unofficial Release can be found here on Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/911603...This then fades out and drops in to the slow beat, backed with hazy washing melody of "Rodox Video"... While neat and simple, it's texturally rich the BOC's usual hazy mix. This track then mixes into a light hearted but jittery and disjointed melodic "Happy Cycling" that has no resemblance to the track that found it's way onto some versions of "Music Has The Right To Children". This fades out... And gives way to the warbling track of "House Of Abin'adab"... All in all, throughout the tracks so far, you can hear BOC flexing their creative talents, experimenting and playing with a sound that will eventually become their own.For me "Finity" and "Forest Moon" are two great chunky beat driven numbers... "Finity" uses four deep synth chord stabs over a 4/4 pattern of a chugging grooved beats, with a one pulsing note variation introduced over the top with plenty of reverb... And "Forect Moon" is quite similar in many ways too. Both seem to capture a sound that we will hear develop into the greatly complex layers of their future releases.Then we move into "Skimming Stones" and "Carcan"... Both of these interludes remind me of tracks like "Triangles And Rhombuses" and "Bocuma" on "Music Has The Right To Children"... On "Bocuma" you can hear traces of the crackle like voice sound that we hear in future tracks like "Beware The Friendly Stranger" and "Opening The Mouth" found on "Geogaddi".Devil is another TV ad thing... Taken from the "Dirt Devil" vacuum cleaner ad back in the 80s (see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hIdVAFs3dk). However, the word devil is sliced in a few more times than usual... As to the "reason" why... I'll leave that to you to decide about.Another favourite track of mine comes up next... "Mansel" starts out with a flabby sounding irregular kick beat, more pronounced on certain parts of a barely discernable pattern... Layered with a usual BOC haunting synth line that set the pace and feeling for the track... However, it opens out with great effect when the melodic run reaches its conclusion and the rest of the beats just start up. Slightly unpolished, yet crisp with knowing where they want to be heading, this track is classic early BOC.Then there's the lush full sound of "She Is P"... Killer rolling beat here with reverb heavy chords and melody drizzled over the top of this groove work out.Dave Addison is another one of those basic melodic interludes... Concluding side A.Opening side B is "Sac", with that jolly Juno bass line... Opening up into a trippy, beatless melodic glide of accompaniments and runs... This then goes into "Blockbuster", which I covered earlier."Blockbuster" makes way for the slightly languid and barren "I Will Get It Tattooed"... Again, it another one of those good old textural melodic interludes... Which leads into another favourite of mine "The Way You Show". This is another mix up of tracks, all of which I seem to remember hearing at some time on the party circuit (though I cannot pull them apart to name all of them)... Though I'm fairly certain that one of the tracks mixed in here is probably Kool In The Gang's "Celebration" (see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M).I won't go on any more about each track... But, if you're a fan of BOC who's listened to all their releases to date, you'll hear that this is undoubtedly BOC themselves, regardless of whether the music is a blend of some other recording artist's tracks and beats or their own. All the music here is elegantly composed and pieced together in a manner that BOC could only muster. Not to mention it almost all sounds unfinished too... But still, you can hear that they're working on their sound and are happy to play around with anything and everything they like to reach that pinnacle of originality that sees them come into their own on "Music Has The Right To Children". Everyone has to start somewhere... And this, while it's definitely not their beginnings, it's certainly their middle phase that's tinged with everything we all have come to know and love so well about BOC's music... Hinting back to their musical influences and inspirations.As Jim Jarmusch once said, "Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to."If you'd like to hear this release in it's entirety... Please visit the YouTube link below:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KvK0F860Xk
  • Zeleence
To wind up the authenticity issues, yes, myself and another producer received old tunes one and 2 as christmas presents from Mike and Marcus, and we made copies of each one, so we had a cassette of both each.The images that were seen on the now slightly legendary $900 Ebay auction were of my 1 original and a copy, with my handwriting in blue paint pen.The stories vary from the wildy inaccurate to the half true, how the tapes wound up on EBAY.Here`s what happened.While living in the USA, I used to visit my then girlfriend,a known ex moderator of the WATMM forum, Joanna Balsamo, AKA octavekitten in south florida, and after breaking up with her, she agreed to send back my belongings I had left at her house including the 2 OLD TUNES cassettes. I never recieved the package.I was told it was lost in the mail with no tracking or return address.Having no way of the tapes ever being returned to sender with no tracking info etc, they strangely then found their way into the hands of her next live -in boyfriend, who, after being told she was leaving town without him, tried to auction them off on Ebay to get rid of `parts of a past life` or some other post break up catharsis.Ms. Balsamo never re-appeared on WATMM forum to attempt to clear her name, and proceeded to reinvent herself a scenester in an unrelated music genre in another city. this procedure of bailing and reinvention is a repeating pattern with Ms. B as drama is a forte of hers according to numerous victims.I was told the tapes that had been seen on ebay were copies of the originals and were not my property, but the large photographs that the auctioneer had posted in loving detail showing handwriting on the copied cassette, in blue paint pen proved this to be untrue.The intervening party that got them off ebay was myself, and possibly BOC, I intervened simply out of respect for BOC having an item given in trust to someone ending up being ausctioned for an extortionate amount of money.The guy in question to my knowledge, still has them.. I called him at work once, he said hed send them back, but never did.Hopefully that will finally clear up the story.
  • Jeronashe
"my belongings I had left at her house including the 2 OLD TUNES cassettes"ಠ_ಠ
  • Winasana
This might not be the strongest evidence of its 'authenticity', but a producer-friend of mine from the UK once received a copy directly from Mike & Marcus. At some point a girlfriend of his stole it and it made its way onto eBay via her new partner. I don't remember whether he ever got it back or not... since he was an old friend of the duo (and not one of us fanboys!) it didn't really matter to him that much if I recall correctly.
  • Dranar
There is as much evidence as there is controversy as to whether 'A Few Old Tunes' (as well as the two other known volumes in the 'Old Tunes' series) is to be considered a legitimate BoC release or not - On the one hand we have samples contained within these tracks (as well as entire tracks) that would appear on subsequent releases in a different form. There is a pervading aesthetic to these tracks that is strikingly familiar and teleologically cogent with the known BoC discography that would follow. On the other hand we have the fact that Mike, Marcus and the labels that harbour them have never mentioned this release or backed it's authenticity. The general concensus among the BoC fanbase is that 'AFOT' is, indeed, authentic. There are just too many common samples and some of these unreleased tracks have popped up in some odd places; '5.9.78', for instance, appeared in a Nissan advert directed by Chris Cunningham. As well, 'P.C.' appeared in the online trailer for the BoC EP 'Trans Canada Highway'. The apparent outright usage of these tracks pretty much solidifies the authenticity of 'AFOT' for many people. Presumably the 'Old Tunes' series of DIY cassette releases were compiled to be given out to friends, family and possibly small labels as a demo of sorts. As BoC gained in popularity it was inevitable that these old rarities would leak into the lawless realm of the Internet as low-quality mp3s. There was one well-documented incident of these cassettes appearing for auction on eBay (with a starting bid placed at over $900 USD). The auction was quickly removed; presumably BoC or other Hexagon Sun members had some part in it's removal. The bottom line is that if you want to hear this album, or any of the three 'Old Tunes' volumes for that matter, you're going to have to download it from P2P file sharers. Unless it were someday officially repressed, expecting to acquire a physical copy of these cassettes is a fool's errand.
  • DireRaven
I would think that they do that on purpose ... they're not just gonna solve the mystery for us.